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Actually Devon. I'll do this post as the 2nd small test campaign. We will see where this goes in a month. ^__^
FAQ & Help Topics / Re: Help
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I greatly appreciate the shout out, seriously!
Great post about the co-founder of RB, @DavidSnell . I'll share it out. :)
Thank you! There are many ways sir. This is a mix of social and search exposure, to make the post go viral.
Keep in mind that this campaign has just started. I expect over 100K natural organic views this time next month,
even though this is a smaller 1 month test campaign.
Amazing!!! Over 13000 views in 2 days! what in the world is going on here? How can I get my posts and company this much views?
The Mold Investigator

Interview with David Snell by Devon Shubin

Q.   Who is David Snell?

David Snell: “That is a very good question. Even I do not know who David Snell is. I think it’s best to ask others who know me. Others who know my heart and what I am all about. But if you think of David Snell you would most likely think about mold inspections or our company Executive Restoration. What I want people who do not know me to understand, is that I have 31 years invested in the restoration industry which includes my passion, and that is mold. As a certified mold inspector/investigator, I am fully committed to helping people nationwide.”

Q. You mentioned that this is your passion, why?

David Snell: “I am very passionate about mold. But what I am really passionate about is helping others. Whether it is a mold inspection or mold removal or just helping them be more successful in life. Many people have questions about mold or networking, or perhaps want my team across the country to perform an indoor air quality test, they can email or call me at any time. I pride myself in being as transparent as I can.”

Q.  So David, what is an indoor air quality test?

David Snell: “An indoor air quality test is sampling the air. Sampling the air is basically when you take a sample of the air and have it tested by a certified and accredited lab. Once the results come back from the lab, we can determine #1 if you have a mold issue, #2 we can determine what type of mold it is. #3 we are able to determine from the lab not David Snell, what kind of health problem can stem from the type of molds that are found.”

Q. Is this all a mold inspector does, just take samples of the indoor air?

David Snell: “No, a mold inspector does much more. He or she has many, many tools. Some of the tools are his eyes, their nose, their ears. Yes, their ears. They need to listen to the customer. What happened in the house? Was there a water damage in the past, recently? A good mold inspector will investigate. The best word to classify what a mold inspector is, is an investigator. On these inspections, he would use infrared to scan the buildings ceilings, flooring and walls, for water damage. Do you guys know that it only takes 24 hours for mold to develop in a dwelling? Other things the investigator looks for are if the house has gutters? Is there a roof leak? Is there an issue with the crawlspace or basement and if so can it affect the rest of the home? If you said no, you would be mistaken? These are critical areas where the investigator needs to be thorough.

Q. Do you think everyone needs a mold inspection in their home or office?

David Snell: “Think about this, does anyone have health issues, asthma, respiratory problems, cancer, immune deficiency, SARS in the home? This is another part of the investigation process of a mold inspector, a good one that is. Now, even if someone does not have any significant health issues, could their home or office potentially cause health issues? Absolutely.  So, when someone buys a home, or is going to rent from a landlord, they should have a mold inspector test the air and possibly surface areas to determine if there are any issues with organic growth. Remember, there are home inspectors and then there are mold inspectors. Never should a home inspector be the mold inspector, as this is a conflict of interest. The reason it’s a conflict? A mold inspector should be a neutral party. Someone very passionate who cares about the problem and not a real estate transaction. If you understand what I am saying. Never ever let a mold inspector do the mold remediation. If the restoration company performs their own testing after the work is completed, they are not a neutral party and thereby are checking up o their own work! How would feel if your contractor who built your home, passed his own inspections, instead of the cities building inspector?

“Here is another way to look at this. Have any one of you had a physical from your medical doctor? If you have, no doubt you will ask many questions. Same with a mold inspection. Asking questions helps the investigator (mold inspector) to help find out what is going on with the building. Have you ever asked a medical doctor, ‘how do I look?’ your medical doctor is not going to be able to tell what your physical condition is, until the lab results come back. The blood work the urine samples, blood pressure test perhaps an EKG and on and on. Basically, this is what a certified mold inspector is doing.”

Q. So, are you saying that everyone should have their home or building tested for mold at one time or another, even if they do not see mold?

David Snell: “Yes. I believe that is true from what I have just mentioned. Through my network of certified and trained mold investigators, we can help people in all 50 states.  And I have done this because I cannot be everywhere at once. However, I provide phone consultations and lab result readings. Now, this is not a free service. This is my living, just like you all have your profession, this is mine and I love what I do it is my passion.”

Q. How can people across America get in touch with you to have you and your nationwide team provide a mold inspection in their dwelling?

David Snell: “The best way to reach out to me and my nationwide team of mold investigators is our website, 1-888-493-0098, or our platform Or you can call and text me at 704-545-0098.  Now if you want to be a part of our Nationwide team, contact me and see if you qualify. I look forward to your calls!

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello I am Dr. Anthony Ponceti
« Last post by PatrickJohnson on June 26, 2017, 08:28:40 PM »
I do trade of service with lawyers, but they aren't cheap street value.
Mold Inspection & Removal / Re: Introduction - New Member
« Last post by DavidSnell on June 26, 2017, 07:33:27 PM »
I love consulting with others on the phone and doing and performing mold inspections with all the gadgets.
David Snell
Mold Inspection & Removal / Re: Introduction - New Member
« Last post by David.luce13 on June 26, 2017, 05:13:28 PM »
Thank you Patrick!

how long have you been in the industry?

what areas do you service?
Mold Inspection & Removal / Re: Mold inspections in NC, SC, VA, TN & GA.
« Last post by David.luce13 on June 26, 2017, 05:12:17 PM »
Hello Devon,

what types of testing do you find most effective?

do you use air and surface in conjunction, or just do one or the other?

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