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This is a therapy near and dear to my heart because I believe that if I had known of it about 10 years earlier, I could have saved several family members from dying of cancer treatment. No, that wasn't an error, they did not die of cancer, they died of cancer "treatment"!

Having been an RN for 20 years, I feel fairly qualified to say that our medical system is ****** near criminal! It has very little to do with healing people and a whole lot to do with filling Big Pharmas pockets! It seriously makes me sick to think of the number of people who die because of PRESCRIBED Medications! I'm not talking about some street thug OD'ing in the alley...I'm talking people taking regular prescribed medications.

Many people do not know any other way than what their DR tells them. I'm not saying that all Drs are corrupt, most of them are just educated by Big Pharma and know no other way. Sadder yet are the ones who DO know better but are unable to even mention such natural remedies for fear of losing their license.

I cannot tell you how many Doctors I have met that have Medical Ozone machines in their homes for their families, knowing better than to use the drugs that they prescribe for others daily.

Thankfully there are many other ways to care for your health! Homeopathics, Herbs, Cannabis, Essential Oils, Energy Work, even Foods can be used as medicine! You do not have to run to the ER every time you get a cold! In fact, I suggest you don't!

Physician Heal Thyself!

In every culture, there were "medicine people" who healed with natural methods, typically through generational instruction. They were all there was before Big Pharma came around! Entire villages of people relied on their wisdom! All of these remedies have merit but the one I will discuss today is one you and the medicine people may never have heard of, Medical Ozone!

Ozone is natures way of purifying things. It works EXCEPTIONALLY well on water and guess what the body primarily consists of? Water! When you treat your body with medical ozone, you are essentially purifying and oxygenating even the smallest microcirculation!

Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-viral. Works even against our most virulent anti-biotic resistant bacteria like MRSA, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and VRE, Vancomycin-resistant enterococci. Hepatitis, Herpes..all the things they say are incurable..yes, even the big C.

There are numerous ways to use it. You can ingest it in your drinking water, or put it in any available orafice by way of ******, enema or even insufflation. It can even be given intravenously by trained professionals. DO NOT ATTEMPT it if you are not trained, you can kill someone if you do not know what you are doing. Absolutely nothing to fear using it orally or topically on wounds! This is Oxygen! Actually Oxygen is O2 and Ozone is O3 and above.

When you put it in the body, the extra oxygen singlets break off and work as good free radicals moving through the body targeting unhealthy cells. Although it is antibacterial, unlike anitbiotics, ozone only attacks the bad bacteria, not the good ones that help our body function daily.

For daily oral use, or even to wash your produce etc, there is a machine over on Amazon that will work just fine. It's less than $100 with shopping and may just save your life one day.

I learned about Medical Ozone because I was working for a Naturopath who was getting people after western medicine had basically destroyed any chance of healing. Sadly, the methods we were using were not getting the results that we wanted so I went on a search to see what actually worked for cancer.

I found Medical Ozone. Yes there are other remedies as well but rarely this inexpensive and so all inclusive in their scope.
We have injected tumors with it directly and as mentioned earlier put it in any way we can.

I treated a Super sick Mare who had bilateral kidney infections and had been at a vet hospital for weeks. She got to the point where she was head shy because of the meds they had been giving her. I gave her Medical Ozone enemas and it didnt take long to turn her around. I also successfully treated hoof abcesses with "soaks" done in a bucket of medically ozonated water. Sometimes a black salve helps it along by drawing it out and then the soaks can really get in there.

You are probably asking yourself about now, why haven't I heard of this before if it is so good? Because it is cheap, not patentable and actually cures things. It simply doesn't fit into our American Healthcare System!

Sad but True.

So how do you get started? Go to Amazon, I actually prefer Smile Amazon so that a portion goes to a charity of my choice, and search for A2Z ozone aqua 6 multi purpose ozone generator. That one will do fine for oral and topical use. You CANNOT use this machine for Intravenous use!! The ozone machines used for IV use are MUCH more expensive, highly calibrated and are attached to a medical oxygen tank rather than converting room air like the one above.

It will come with instructions for washing your fruit and such. It even tells you how to purify your drinking water. Yes, MANY water treatment plants throughout the world use ozone as a purifier! But purifying and treating yourself medically with ozone are two different things.

To purify you would put the tubing in the container of water, ALWAYS making sure that the machine is HIGHER than the container of water or the water will run down into your machine. Choose the setting depending on the size of the container and let it run. Their instructions say do not use the water for 20 minutes to allow the ozone to dissipate.

Obviously if you are wanting to medicate yourself you need to use the water WITHIN 20 minutes, not after it has dissipated. Simple logic.

I have healed some MAJOR wounds, grossly infected with both MRSA and VRE. Do not underestimate the power of Oxygen!
If you get one and have any questions, feel free to message me :) There are all kinds of ways to use it topically, get creative!

To summarize, Medical Ozone has been used safely and successfully in many countries and is even taught in medical schools and used in hospitals for NUMEROUS conditions! Caution: This is not the type of Ozone that you leave running in your house, it can be irritating to the lungs.

Whether you choose Ozone, Herbs, Oils or all of them, start learning how to care for your own health. Do not rely on your "MD" to care for your health, beat them to it!

*****God knows I guess I better put some sort of disclaimer or something here, this is not an FDA approved remedy in the United States...however...there are states that allow patients and physicians to make their own health care decisions regarding remedies as long as they feel it will not harm. It's called the Healthcare Freedom Act and therefore there are some states where you can find Doctors offering Medical Ozone Therapy although they usually have their prices hiked to the hilt, again...Physician, Heal Thyself. I cannot guarantee that this therapy will cure you, I'm sorry Healing is always between you and God"*****

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https:[email protected]/an-amazing-therapy-you-may-have-never-heard-of-medical-ozone
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This personally is a no brainer for me, but that's based on years of knowledge and learning what mold really is and how it can affect people differently.

What bothers me is some mold inspectors will go into a home, look around for all the visual aspects of mold (water staining, visible growth, etc), and if they don't see anything, they will tell the homeowner, they don't need to test.

Let me share an example of why I think this is the WORST move an inspector can make.

A few years ago, a customer called me because their doctor recommended they test for mold due to some health issues the family was having. 

Upon going to the property, it was IMMACULATE with no visible reasons to test.  Do to the health issues concerns, we tested anyhow.

The lab results were APPAULING!  They were out of control and the house was full of mold that would affect even a person with a great immune system.

What went wrong you ask?  Well, after making the homeowner do some more research, it was found that the home had flooded years earlier and that the previous homeowner gutted the basement (via the insurance company) and replaced the building materials.

What they did NOT do was take care of the air quality or the mold spores traveling throughout the property and the HVAC system.  They only treated the basement and the visible damage.

A good inspector should understand this about mold and while they should have some morals and ethics and present the reason for testing correctly, they should know testing should be done to cover themselves as well.  What if the people moved into a home like such with no visible signs but yet was "contaminated" for lack of better words?  They could get sick and turn around and sue you stating you said there was no reason to test.  Of course, samples and tape lifts would not be needed in this case and that's where the morals/ethics come in.
i think you need to get a territory to add to your list of things you love to do  :D
As a child, did any of you take martial arts?
I took Kung Fu and Judo but that was years ago.  Judo as I lived in South Korea and Kung Fu in Indonesia.

Anyone else?

@DavidSnell, I started in a form of kung-fu that embraced the principles of I Ching in the taoist faith, and studied that, off and on, from age six to age twenty-one.  After I got saved, I quit that practice.

I've also exchanged techniques with Sensei of Okinawa Karate and Kempo, as well as some amateur and professional boxers.

Then, in 1996 I met Sifu Roberts, and began learning Wing Chun kung-fu.  And, I've been at it since.  Under Sifu Roberts and Grandmaster Swift, I got my tactical fighting degree and began my mentor-ship program for teaching.  Now, I teach Wing Chun at the Yost Wing Chun Kung-fu Academy.

I'm blessed to have Sifu Bryant Ellington with me, at the Yost Wing Chun Kung-fu Academy.  He has degrees in various forms of Karate and Praying Mantis kung-fu.  He teaches self-defense under his praying mantis and weapons classes at our Academy in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Anyone interested in more information can find us online at or call me at (812) 229-4097.
This is what spiders on drugs are like.

Who has ever raised yellow jackets as pats through the winter?

Who has ever gotten bitten from yellow jackets or bee's?  What did the sting feel like?

Fire & Smoke Restoration / Re: Pay Per Call Leads
« Last post by Devon Shubin NC Remodels on June 21, 2017, 08:15:26 AM »
Great questions. I will never accept leads form a generation company who is disloyal to a paying contractor. If you pay for the lead, it should not be pitted against you with competitors.
For over 17 years I was a HUD contractor and boarded up hundreds of homes. The most difficult thing was to deal with all of the glass. The broken glass on the outside and inside is a hazard and must be removed safely.
Fire & Smoke Restoration / Re: Lets all welcome Steve Jones with 1-800-BOARDUP
« Last post by DavidSnell on June 21, 2017, 07:39:59 AM »
What would you do if a truck ran into your home?
Watch this video and it will give you a hint who to call.  Smiles.

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