Author Topic: Here are some things to show you the value of Restoration Board!  (Read 79 times)


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      1/ The Restoration Board was created to help everyone.  We have 30 categories on RB to help anyone in any field they are in and we have some creative categories.

      2/ The Restoration Board is free and it will help you with networking.  Please remember, the more you post and comment, the more you will be seen not only on RB but on the internet because you can share out your content of what you write and post but also what others write, comment or post about.  You can now share your content out to 199 different platforms for free, like Face Book, Linked In, Twitter, Google Plus, Digg and so many others.

      3/ The Restoration Board is also a great resource tool as well as an excellent resource center and hub to start out your process of sharing to other networks from RB.

      4/ We also give away all kinds of door prizes. What other platform offers door prizes?

      5/ You can also get work for free from RB, like others have gotten.  Please remember, the more you are post and comment on, the more others will see you and trust you.

      6/ We also have now.  Anyone can list there products or services for free.   We are offering this,  to help you and your company or the company you represent.
      If you have not listed your company on for free, please feel welcome to do so. 

      Thank you to each of you for being part of the and for those of you who have already signed up for free on

      P.S. have you ever been tired of being on other platforms and you have to scroll down to find what you wrote or what some one else wrote?  We have fixed it so you do not have to do this on RB.  Just go to the category in what you have an interest in and either read or write about what appeals to your interest. 

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