Author Topic: April brings new showers of goodies from my business.. Who wants free products  (Read 142 times)


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      April is full of savings..

      The only for you product this month when you place a qualifying flexship order is this beauty. The amazing Anti-frizz smoothing Primer will be ideal for those of you that are having problems with frizz, whether its from the humidity or all those curls..  This will put a stop to all those issues. Join as a VIP or a Monat Partner to get your Primer..  Available all this month.. but why wait when you can start now..

      All Qualifying Flexships This Month Will Receive a Bonus Item Discounted from 50-to-70% Off!

      Share the Spring Time Savings with all your Team Members and VIPs to make sure they take advantage. 

      It's Time to Spring It On With a Tote-ally Awesome Sponsorship Promotion!
      Sponsor a Market Partner This Month and receive our exclusive MONAT purple tote bag for the both of you.  Sounds great...?

      There's more!
      We're Throwing in FREE Shipping and a PV Increase for your Product Pack.

      Overachiever Product Pack  700 PV (Originally 450 PV) 
      Success Product Pack        450 PV (Originally 300 PV)
      Business Product Pack       300 PV (Originally 200 PV)

      Have an AWESOME April, Market Partners.

      To join as a Market Partner or VIP click the link. This is also good if you just want to try a few products before you decide to be a bossbabe like me..

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