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Author Topic: Who's Testing Your Drinking Water Indiana?  (Read 198 times)


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Who's Testing Your Drinking Water Indiana?
« on: September 22, 2017, 11:03:57 AM »
      Various types of Indoor Environmental Quality tests and inspectors are advertised throughout the industry.  What I'd like to focus on in this blog is drinking water, and who you may encounter coming out to test your drinking water.
      .... was also my salesmen, I purchased the top package and, after the install I found out just what kind of liars they really are. ..... assured me that my pH would be 6.5 or less (lie) when I called I got nothing but the run around from customer service. Everyone especially disabled vets avoid doing business with this company. I just talked to them again and they said they would contact me tomorrow to set up an install to fix my problem. I will update this tomorrow if they don't delete my review.
      This person hired a company to test his drinking water; a company that sold water purification systems.  And, as you can see from his review, he was not pleased with their work.  This bring us to an important question you need to ask anyone you're hiring to test your drinking water:  Do you sell products or provide restorative/remedial (plumbing or water) services?  If they do this is a conflict of interest.

      As one gets to know this company, one finds things like this:
      New Water Testing Positions Available. Hiring Now!

      Interviewing Applicants in Terre Haute, Indiana.

      $850 per Week.

      Company training provided for positions in Water & Air testing. Training and work starts immediately: ..... 
      *No Experience Necessary.

      (Yes.  The bold type is a direct quote from them.  I did not add it.)

      No experience necessary.  Does that assure you that the person you're hiring to test your water can provide for your needs?  Well, before we answer that question, let's see what a former employee says about his training:
      At the interview, they give next to no information on the job you're actually going to be doing. They train in large groups, and in my training group, none of us knew what the job was. They build the job up, make it sound amazing and easy, but it's not. ...  I always felt incredibly stressed while working this job.

      Does this sound like someone who will meet your needs if you hire them to test your drinking water?

      Now, I'm not judging this company (and that's why I'm not mentioning names), but it does illustrate a problem we, industrial hygienists, see often: Opportunistic product and restorative sales companies trying to test the IEQ of buildings in order to sell their products or services to people and businesses.  And, it's not isolated to drinking water.  Perhaps in another blog I'll give you examples of a company who tests for mold.  We'll see.

      If you're seeking someone to consult you on your IEQ, whether it's your drinking water, air quality or other environmental conditions, insist on a company with college educated and certified inspectors and consultants - who don't sell products or provide restorative or remedial services.  Avoid the uneducated, bias opinion of these companies.  Invest in your own empowerment.

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      Who's Testing Your Drinking Water Indiana?
      « on: September 22, 2017, 11:03:57 AM »
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