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How would you save yourself if you were choking?  Here is a video to help you.

How do you deal with a washing machine and mold?
How do you clean up the mold in the washing machine?  Video attached for special credit and for you to watch.

How do you unlock a Fire Stick and watch television with it?

What is 5 G and is it healthy to be around it and what is it all about?

Is being supportive of one another a healthy thing?
If you guys want others to be supportive of you, you might want to consider being supportive of others!
Are you being supportive of one another?
If you are not being supportive of one another, why in the hello are you expecting others to be supportive of you?

How many of you want to be famous?  How many of you want to know how to be famous?

How do you stop condensation?
How do you stop or prevent mold?
How do you remove mold?

This video has gotten almost 3 million views.

When someone attacks you on the internet or in groups, what do you do or how do you handle it?

What is a bully?
What can you do about it?

Video attached.

Who do you have in your life who believes in you or supports you?
How many people can you name?
You might be surprised how few you have who really believe in you or who really support you or who really back you.

How many can you name?

Ever wonder why more people do not believe in you or support you or support what you are doing?
Is someone being selfish?  Is someone just thinking about him or herself when he or she does not support one another more than he or she is doing?  You will have to come to your own conclusion on this.

Why are more people not lifting one another up and supporting one another?
Can you imagine what a better world we would have if we all supported one another more and lifted one another up more?

online free photo storage

Here is a motivational video with Les Brown on how to stop getting hurt and how to prevent others from hurting you!

What are some options that people have for marketing and advertising and what is more effective,  in my experience?
What are some options that people have?

My trade show experience lasted for a weekend while  I was a guest helping someone else out.    Make sure you have someone at your booth all the time and if you decide to do this and have door prizes and things you give away to others,  to help your experience more effective.  Be fully rested and energized before you do a trade show.

Television can be very costly and one of the things I learned about television is it is all about continuing to get yourself seen daily but,  this can be costly and can come with a high price tag.  If you go this route, be ready to keep spending money so others see you, all the time. 

Radio is another option you have and it is all about being heard over and over again for others to hear what your message is.
If you go this route, make sure you be ready to spend money on a continuing basis so you are heard all the time.

Now, let's talk about online marketing and advertising.  This is the most economical and the most effective, in my opinion, and my experience.  Let me ask you some questions.  Where are people most of the time?  Are they not on their smartphones or on there computer, most of the time?  Are they not only social platforms?  Are they not on the internet searching for something and interacting with others to try to get a better social presence for him or her or the company he or she represents?
Some of the things I suggest to be active on the internet is to be part of groups that interest you and to make things personal with others and when you are in groups do not always talk about what you have to sell but,  make things personal and real with others and be transparent with others.  I am a big believer in internet exposure and advertising and it is much more effective than any other form of advertising in my experience and has really helped us and what we have to offer.
Some of the things that are very effective are,  getting your company interviewed or getting a press release written up about what you do and what you offer.  Another thing that is effective is a monthly newsletter to keep yourself in front of others. 
If you want to look at some of your options for internet advertising, go to
This is a platform that has helped others and a platform to purchase from.  Click on the shop button when you are ready to purchase one of the different options and packages that you decide you want to choose.

So, out of all the options for advertising and marketing as a business owner since 1987, my option of choice is internet advertising/marketing hands down.
It is much more economical and much more affordable than any of the other choices.  Please choose what is more effective and what is going to work for you.

Another thing that is important is meeting with others and sharing and caring about others and wanting to help others.
Be sincere about helping others and be real and transparent and make things personal in wanting to help one another.

I wish all of you a wonderful week.

Did you also know that you can really help your company by being active and using as yet another platform for you where you can pick different categories to write about and watch movies or even listen to music and all for free to register and be a part of?

David Snell............................

free img

Do these drones look healthy?
Oh my goodness!

Are you living to work or working to live?
Are we taking the time to reflect on who we are and what we are?
Let's make the most of them while we still can.

Wonderful and encouraging video.

Everybody dies in life.
Everybody dies in life but does everybody do something about his or her dream?
What are your thoughts on this?

Who is the thief in your life and his and her name is called doubt!  What are you doubting in your life?

Is change healthy?
If change can be healthy and we are not changing, why are we not changing?

Here is a video about learning and about change.

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