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FAQ & Help Topics for Restoration Board
« on: May 21, 2016, 11:36:59 PM »
      Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

      The questions and answers list is built from user feedback.
      If you have any new FAQ suggestions, post them HERE.

      [Hot Topic] How to Post an Image
      Below the big message box is an area that says "Add image to post".
      Select that, and follow the instruction to upload an image to your post.

      You may also do it using BB Code if you are nerdy by:
      Highlight the URL you just put in and press the icon for "Insert Image"
      --- Insert Image icon looks like:

      Example of how your post will look:

      Note: Purple is where to put your image URL.

      [Hot Topic] How to Post an Video
      Take the Video URL and literally paste it into your post. Nothing else is required.
      Example: Go to Youtube, select "Share" on a video and it will give you a URL.
      Copy that URL and paste it into your post. The video will now show once you
      Save or Preview the post.

      [Hot Topic] How to Update Your Forum Signature:
      To change your Forum Signature, navigate to "Profile" > "Forum Profile"

      Type in like seen in the example:

      Your Website URL: Blue
      Your Signature image URL: Purple

      As a Regular User

       Getting Started
      You are free to navigate and read posts on Restoration Board, without an account.
      To take part in conversation, you need to select "Register" and follow the steps shown.

       Registering
      To register, select Register under Restoration Board's logo.
      Activation Email's may end up in your SPAM box. Check there too.
      If it's in SPAM, mark the email as Not SPAM.

       Logging in
      Type in your credentials after clicking Login from the top, under the logo.
      You may choose to keep yourself logged in by specifying a time you want,
      or not by typing in zero. You also have the option of choosing to
      save your password, or not.

       Profile
      Select Profile at the top. Change your account settings, get access to your stats on Restoration Board,
      and update your Profile that's viewed by the public.

       Posting
      -- How to Post --
      The "New Topic" button in any area let's you make a new conversation.
      The "Reply" button allows you to respond to topics already posted.
      Note: In certain areas, these buttons won't show as it's the admin area only.

      -- How to customize your post --
      Highlight anything you've typed then select the Font Face, Font Size and Color.
      You may also highlight what you've said and make stuff Bold, Italicized, Underlined, etc.

       Personal Messages
      Hover your mouse over "My Messages" at the top navigation area.
      You may select to "Read your messages",
      You may select to "Send a message".
      Note: If you are sending a message, the "To:" area is where you put the Members name in
      that you want to message.

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