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      Interview presented by, ,, and


      Company Name
      BIO Pro Restoration, LLC - AKA - "BIOPRO"

      Business Industry
      Emergency Water Damage Repair, Mold Removal, Mold Inspection

      Official Website ++ New Site Now Launched!

      Call Me Directly ♥

      Email Me Directly ♥

      Water Damage Repair and Mold Removal by Bio Pro Restoration:

      Q?  When did you start your company, and why?
      A:  Born in Shelby, and Mainsfield OH, Bio Pro Restoration, LLC has served our locals in Ohio with TOP RATED water damage repair, mold inspection, and mold removal services for 8 years now. BIOPRO started as a project to help a few friends with restoration, and has since turned successful.

      Q?  What should our audiences know about your brand, that makes it stand out?
      A:  We would rather lose money, than lie to a customer. Our ethic is the what matters to customers. It's how we've grown so quickly.

      The most common services requested by customers are
      Water Damage Repair, Mold Remediation, Mold Inspection, Air Quality Testing, Biohazard Cleanup,
      Duct Cleaning, Breaker Box Upgrades, Clean Air Filtration Systems, Whole House Generators.

      Q?  Share a personal story that helped you, and your business improve.
      A:  After starting BIO Pro Restoration, LLC, business was REALLY SLOW. To compensate, the owner got a side job at a national shipping center to get enough money to compete, in such a crowded space. Now, most of BIOPRO's customers come directly from referral, which costs no money to advertise. ♥

      Q?  What do you have planned next, that our members will love?
      A:  The last couple of years as a water damage specialty company has been EXTREME!! We've expanded into multiple cities througout OHIO, and have built quite a fanbase on social media. We plan to expand in every city of USA, to give people an option to hire an honor driven service, unlike many in the industry!

      Q?  Anything else our users should know about, before you sign off?
      A:  We've taken a steep cut in profit (markup is low for Mold, etc.), to give USA Military/Veterans, and Senior Citizens 15% OFF anything they order.
      This is not a sales pitch. BIOPRO is eating it's profits in support.

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          More about this customer has been discovered.
          Their store location areas go all over Ohio,
          Their flagship store was in Shelby, OH,
          and their newest expansion area for emergency ASAP service is Mansfield OH.
          Here are some areas I've found them in, after further research,
          to show you emergency coverage areas other than the "Three C's".

          Latest Service Request Areas - Emergency Locations (BY VOLUME)
          Mansfield, OH
          (Flagship Location) Shelby, OH
          Galion, OH
          Bucyrus, OH
          Ashland, OH
          Norwalk, OH   Tiffin, OH
          Marion, OH
          Mount Vernon, OH
          Wooster, OH
          Sandusky, OH   Fremont, OH
          Vermilion, OH
          Amherst, OH
          Fostoria, OH
          Elyria, OH
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                  ATTENTION PLEASE! Go to the Google search bar and type this in: Shelby, Ohio Mold Removal.
                  Another one: Water damage repair, Shelby, Ohio
                  Who do you see?
                  Do any of you see Bio-Pro Restoration? 

                  He is also making connections with this. 
                  We are so proud of you Finley Surgener!

                  As of March 23, 2018, I see Finley Surgener @Finley is at 92,000 who has seen his offer and who he is and what he is all about what he offers.  Woohoo!

                  On March 26, 2018, noticed he is at over 100,000 people who he has reached and seen by on the internet.  Wow.
                  He has also gotten at least 5 connections out of it.  As of March 31, 2018 he is at 112,000 times people have seen his info.
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