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Paid Features & Rewards Explained
« on: May 18, 2016, 10:58:34 PM »
      Restoration Board Paid Features & Rewards

      First off, thank you for considering support of Restoration Board's community,
      and the innovations that are to come. Below details the current perks for buying
      any sponsor item, on this platform. We are actively developing even more perks.
      If you have suggestions for new features and perks, post them here HERE.

      Banner Ads
      Your Ads will show on all posts, topics, and threads of Restoration Board. Every visitor excluding
      Elite Members and staff will see your ad, including those referred from search engines and social. 
      There is no cost per click, or cost per impression. You only pay one small rate for unlimited ad impressions and clicks.

      Price of Ads:
      Special: $99 dollars for an entire year - unlimited clicks and impressions.
      We are growing at 300%+ so there's real value here. Most users get above 5,000 hits a month.
      SPECIAL: Includes banner ad design.
      Simply Private Message @PatrickJohnson with what you want in the banner, after you order.

      Banner Ad dimensions:
      728 Width x 90 Height

      Example Ad:

      Elite Sponsor Membership
      Members who upgrade their accounts to Elite Membership are supporting the community, and the evolution
      of Restoration Board. A large chunk of the proceeds goes towards technical support, administration, marketing, upgrades, and hosting.
      Elite Member Perks are a small way of giving back to people which keep our community alive. We have even more perks planned.
      Every Elite Member you see has helped to support the cause, so please show them utmost respect.

      Elite Member Perks:
      1. Enjoy an “Ad Free” experience. No ads show on any page.
      2. Get access to the following exclusive areas created for Elite Members:
      -- Insider Information
      -- Ideas & Advice
      -- Wholesale & Discounts
      -- Network Contacts
      3. Ability to update your SEO friendly Forum Signature to share your websites and products.
      4. Access priority support directly from the Admins, Global Moderators, and Moderators.
      5. Your Forum Title upgrades to “Elite Member”.
      6. You are allowed 3 active posts in the Marketplace. Regular members are allowed only 1.

      Price of Sponsor Membership:
      $49.95 a year (Available Soon)

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      Paid Features & Rewards Explained
      « on: May 18, 2016, 10:58:34 PM »
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